What the hell am I doing here?


Believe it or not I am painfully shy.  Also, it is incredibly difficult for me to trust enough to completely let my guard down.  Needless to say, this little exercise is a pretty big deal for me and putting my words out there for anyone & everyone to see is indeed quite terrifying.  To be honest, a few of those near & dear to me have been encouraging me to write so I’m trying something new here & breaking out of my bubble.  Again, I am scared as hell so please be gentle with me.

It’s been damn near 4 years since the last time I took a stab at blogging.  At the time it was real light & fluffy.  I was super excited about planning a movie-themed road trip that didn’t happen.  Also, my life was completely different from my life as it is now.  Hell!  I was completely different person from the one who I am now.  I look back &, quite frankly, I don’t even recognize that person.  I would imagine that anyone who has known me for a long period of time would agree.  So here’s the thing…do I use this as an outlet to replay the past & use this as therapy?  Do I get back on the light & fluffy train to just drone on & on about my newest obsession with travel for themed running events?  Do I let got of the past & hit the reset button to only share my thoughts about “the now”?  Am I ready to truly put my whole self out there with the possibility of being mocked and/or judged?  Shit!  Am I even that interesting where anyone would want to read about…well…me?

Whatever this morphs into I can sure as shootin’ tell you one thing and that is that once I get going I can be a rambling fool!  Just thought I’d warn you.


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  1. I’m thinking about doing something like this as well. My demons seem to be consuming me. I plan on explaining everything that brought me to this point, then I’m hoping at some point I can overcome my issues, and this blogging business would show that process.

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